Moving can be a pain, especially for those who own large expensive objects. One of the most painful things to move is a pool table. These things are bulky, and relatively fragile, despite their size. The slightest damage while moving could cause warping or other permanent damage to your table. To avoid these problems, you need to contact Billiards 2U. Located in Chandler Arizona, Billiard 2U has extensive experience moving pool tables from private homes. In fact, in their 11 year history, Billiards 2U has moved over 8000 pool tables! It sounds to me like these guys know what they’re doing! If you would like more proof of their experience, you should check out their website at http://billiards2u.com/. Here you can find testimonials from previous customers, as well as their other services like maintenance and repair for all your billiard needs! So do not get stuck trying to move your table yourself. Call the professionals and make sure that your large, expensive items are handled with the utmost care. _

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