Help your child to be his best in the classroom and throughout his education. Bee Academic Tutoring can help put and keep your child on the right path to succeeding in all school subjects like math, science, languages, even test preparation. Serving the Long Beach, LA and orange county, California areas, we work to schedule our services to your convenience, coming to your home or any location of your choosing. Not only do we work with your child to help him or her learn and grow to succeed in their class, we even communicate and work with your child's teacher to streamline all lessons taught in the classroom. We utilize your child's own textbook and assignments to assure he or she keeps up with the teacher's curriculum. All of our tutors meet our strict guidelines for teaching and we will meet with you to help you determine which tutor is best suited for your child. So go ahead. Help your child to be his or her best in school and give them the best for the future. Call Bee Academic Tutoring today.

Bee Academic Tutoring

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