Have you been looking for a new restaurant to spice up your boring meal rotation? Well I have just the place for you. Amaze Us makes authentic Caribbean food right here in Brampton, Ontario. They are a local family owned restaurant that knows how to bring that island flavor all the way up north. They use all the right spices and flavours to give your taste buds an experience that they have never had before. Sometimes you just need to try something new and if you are in one of those times hit up Amaze Us and check out all of the great options they have to offer. I bet you will keep coming back. They use the home style cooking their family has been doing for generations and want you to see how they do it in the Caribbean. Next time you can't decide what's for dinner give Amaze Us a shot. _
Amaze Us _
5 McMurchy Ave N, Brampton, ON L6X 2R6 _
(905) 497-2525 _