Your search for the right kind of roofing contractor ends with A&H Forensic Roofing. We have been operating from 3737 Glenwood Ave.Raleigh, NC since 2011 and have fast established ourselves as a much sought after roofing servicing company. Our area of expertise ranges with roof repairing, restorations, replacements and preventative maintenance modules. We offer our services to clients in the residential, business and industrial sectors. All our services are designed to provide full satisfaction from the start to finish of the project. Our team always work with a smile on their face so their deliverance can put a smile on yours. Our goal is to meet your exacting requirements. At first we determine the scope of the job in the form of a thorough forensic analysis at no cost to you. We will determine for you the material used on your roof, its tenure, its probable expiry date and all other required actions. Only after submitting a detailed report to you and with your nod do we get down to business.

A&H Forensic Roofing, LLC

3737 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27612

(919) 573-6058