At AcuityAds Inc. of New York City, we apply the latest technologies to bring new life to your digital media marketing and business protection strategies. Our proprietary AcuityAds Self-Serve Programmatic Marketing Platform is a machine learning algorithm that bolsters your brand safety, fraud protection, mobile advertising, cross-platform abilities, analytics, data acquisition and more. Our experts have had much success in optimizing marketing campaigns. We boast a proved 10% to 15% campaign performance increase when our algorithm is employed. It doesn’t stop there. We offer Best in Class Partnerships through our connections to all the best advertising exchanges in the country. Go for the solution that most won’t discover in years! Visit website and send us a message today! It is full of more detailed information such as white papers, case studies, customer testimonials, videos, demos and more: www.acuityads.com/programmatic-marketing-platform

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