I write, I speak, and I share. It is my mission to use my life experience to benefit others, as I know there is more to the mind than what we know. I simply look at life in a way you may never have, and have answers to questions that you did not know you ever had. It is how I see the world and life as it was given. From the start to the end, it is all about life, the good, the bad, the ugly. I am also proud to be the President, and founding member, of the Otis Redding Group-Madison.

My life has been my best education and has shaped how I see the world. What I write is inspired by the Creator. It is a natural process, not forced or coerced. It is written as it is handed down to me. And my life experiences and observations of the wonders of nature are the foundation for my insight. I am on a mission that was given to me and my life has prepared me to be the messenger. I write about what I believe.