<p>Seth Affoumado Musician</p>
<p>Seth Affoumado's teaching methods are fun &amp; non conventional.</p>
<p>Private drum lessons are 1/2 an hour for children 6-10 years old, 45-60 minutes for older students. Students are encouraged to listen to beats they want to learn and are tutored on how to achieve positive results.</p>
<p>Using the book &quot;Stick Control&quot; as a learning tool, students learn counting, basic rhythms, and hand coordination.</p>
<p>I encourage students to use a pad and full drum kit. </p>
<p>Seth introduced &quot;Intro To Roots Rock&quot; and &quot;Intro To Song Writing&quot; at The Freight &amp; Salvage Coffee House to rave reviews.</p>
<p>An introduction to ensemble playing, ITRR is a catalyst for young performers with no formal band experience. The class is a way to learn to listen to your band mates and not step all over them during a performance.</p>
<p>Seth also offers a songwriting workshop. Seth's method of the &quot;10 minute song&quot; proved successful for his students.</p>
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