<p>My early training was in piano, and I studied voice and composition in college. I came to vocal music teaching through musical theater, where I was a performer. Because my piano skills often had me playing in the rehearsal hall, I frequently found myself giving advice or encouragement to my fellow singers. In 1993, when my children were still young, I hung out a shingle for my studio, and have since become a well-respected vocal coach/accompanist in my own right. Having seen the ravaging caused by belting to young voices, I have made it my mission to bring some of the techniques of classical singing into the musical theater repertoire, in order to save voices (especially those of girls and young women) by teaching a method where the lower head register becomes as powerful as an over-the-break belt. Students who have gone on to conservatory study or to perform on Broadway still thank me for this technique years after they have left my studio! Read more at <a href="http://www.SingWithScarlett.com">www.SingWithScarlett.com</a>.</p>
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