<p>Sarah Stiles believes students are unique individuals, each with their own learning style and inherent potentiality. She has worked with ages 6-70. Her teaching approach provides structured lessons with fun, encouraging interaction, fosters development of fundamental skills, like reading, technique, and scales, and encourages expression and meaning through interpretation, imagination, and creativity. </p>
<p>Sarah began piano at age six, leading to regular involvement in recitals, CM, and winning competitions organized by the MTAC. She earned District and State Membership through the National Guild of Piano Auditions.</p>
<p>Sarah composed on the side while studying piano and earning a B.A. in music at U.C. Berkeley. Still a pianist, her focus switched to composition, and earned an M.M. in Composition from the San Francisco Conservatory, 2008. Performances of Stiles' ouvre include premieres with many ensembles and organizations in the Bay Area. </p>
<p>Her website is <a href="http://www.SarahStiles.com">http://www.SarahStiles.com</a>.</p>
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