<p>My website is <a href="http://www.phyllisplotkinpiano.com">www.phyllisplotkinpiano.com</a> if you really want an in-depth look at my philosophy about my teaching, methods and goals for my students.<br />But, I'll say here, that each student is very different in how they learn, and I try to adapt what I do according to their age, interest and needs.</p>
<p>If the student is young, I like the parents to be part of what's going on, so they can help their child at home. </p>
<p>I offer a comprehensive program which includes technique, sight-reading, ear-training, theory, learning how to produce beautiful sound and vital rhythm. Students will get a variety of pieces, and will have at least two opportunities to perform every year.</p>
<p>I'm interested in showing students ways to practice, so practice is a time of discovery and pleasure. The process of increasing ability and understanding can be of great interest in itself.</p>
<p>I hope that piano lessons will be a positive part of my students life and give them a vehicle for self-expression.</p>
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