<p>Although I have been a professional performer for most of my life and I am still actively concertizing, teaching is my grand passion, as is watching my students go on to one success after another. I specialize in restarting stalled careers for professional singers, in correcting physical issues both with singing and with harpists, and in making things much easier so you can get back to making music and not have to worry so much.<br />I play the concert harp and sing, and I specialize in both Celtic music and opera. My first Celtic album, Avalon's Daughter, is available on iTunes or through Amazon. My website is <a href="http://www.moiragreyland.com">www.moiragreyland.com</a>.<br />I have worked extensively with gifted children as well as adults, and seen them through becoming their best selves musically and otherwise. If you need a teacher who is also a mentor, I am here.</p>
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