<p>I've been teaching for over 30 years, all the time receiving great joy from doing something that inspires creativity and passion for both student and teacher. Whether young or old, beginner or advanced, each of my students receives my undivided attention and commitment to excellence.</p>
<p>My style is gentle, yet commanding. My goals are to show my students how to have fun, how to make practicing easy, and, ultimately, how to communicate artistically through the violin. I require a minimum amount of practice - enough to make substantial progress, but I don't require any sort of strict pace. I'm just as comfortable teaching amateur and casual players as I am teaching the exceptionally devoted. Some of my students have gone on to study at major music schools such as Julliard and Curtis.</p>
<p>I have a rich performance background which includes chamber music, principal positions with symphonies and chamber orchestras, and solo.</p>
<p>Please visit my website:grossmanviolinlessons.com</p>
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