<p>As a child and young adult Lila studied for many years with assistant to Jascha Heifetz, Sherry Kloss and performed in many solo competitions, orchestras, and theatre productions. At home, she would &quot;jam&quot; with her dad who plays guitar and taught her how to improvise. Lila became fascinated with the music of the Middle East and the Balkans in her early 20s and eventually toured playing Turkish Sufi music. In addition to recording for film and television, Lila has performed extensively throughout the US, Japan, Europe, and the Middle East playing with such groups as Bjork, Bauhaus, Joanna Newsom, The L.A. Philharmonic, Gypsy Caravan, Sherefe, Kitka, and members of Cirque Du Soleil. She has performed in many venues and festivals including The Royal Albert Hall, The Green Man Festival (UK), The Bumpershoot Festival in Seattle, Britt Festivals, The Carmel World Music Festival, Disney Concert Hall, Knitting Factory New York, Knitting Factory Los Angeles, Yoshis Jazz Club, and The Fillmore.</p>
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