<p>My name is Lea Centauri. I've been singing since I was 4 years old, and have studied singing and voice my whole life. I'm a Mezzo Soprano and Jazz is my music of choice to sing. I have lived and sang and taught in Paris, France for several years. My first students were French. I also spent a year teaching vocal technique at Bilgi University in Istanbul, Turkey. Most of my vocal experience has been in foreign countries. I have sung all over France, including Cannes. I have also sang in Athens, Greece, Casablanca in Morroco, Tabakar in Tunisia, World's Fair in Portugal, Walt Disney Productions in Paris, and numerous jazz gigs with some of the best musicians in the field. I believe music is the healer of the world, and that it is a gift. Like anything, it is a discipline, that is a vehicle of self expression and creativity. Beautiful on all levels. Sing that your heart may soar.</p>
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