<p>I teach music lessons to any age, but tend to teach mostly middle school woodwind students because I am a band director. I enjoy helping beginner students get a solid start on the instrument, know how to care for their instrument, how to produce sound correctly, and how to properly hold the instrument so that bad habits (and harmful conditions like tendonitis) don't develop. I teach technique and we apply it to solos, duets, ensemble parts, etc. I blend formal training with FUN music of the students' choosing, so that they learn correctly but can hardly wait to go practice.</p>
<p>Older students are also welcome - whether high school or even adults who want to pick up their instrument again! I have several students in the local youth orchestras, as well as several band parents who wanted to play again now that their kids are in band!</p>
<p>I moved to the Bay Area three years ago from Colorado. I have played the flute for 18 years, and have a genuine love of music that kids seem to love!</p>
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