<p>I have been passionate about teaching ever since I started working with my first student in 1999. My teaching style is tailored to each student's needs and interests, and I am always happy to work with dedicated students, regardless of age or experience - including adults and adult beginners.</p>
<p>I encourage students to seek out and bring in pieces that they would like to study, and I teach my students how to practice so that they progress as quickly as possible. The point of all of this is for you to develop the skills to further your musical expression - so that your musical decisions are based on how you want to sound, not on what is easiest to do!</p>
<p>Please check out my website, <a href="http://www.katrinawalter.com" target="_blank">www.katrinawalter.com</a>, for more information about me and to read what former students have to say.</p>
<p>Thanks - I hope to hear from you!<br />Katrina</p>
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