<p>I truly love teaching. I enjoy watching my students develop into music lovers and achieve competency on their instruments.</p>
<p>My strengths are an abundance of patience, and an ability to work with all learning styles. As such, while I teach students of all ages I am particularly well suited to teaching the very young beginner. I use many of the techniques that I learned in my Suzuki teacher training while incorporating notation reading that I consider to be important. Piano lends itself so well to notation reading that I do not use the Suzuki method.</p>
<p>I teach out of my home studio in Mill Valley. I have a beautiful Hamburg Steinway Model &quot;B&quot;, which enhances a students learning and knowledge of the piano. I do make house calls for an additional fee.</p>
<p>I'm a member of The Music teacher's Association, and as such my students have access to preform in monthly association recitals and participate in the certificate of Merit Program, I also host one recital per year in my home.</p>
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