<strong>Kathleen Payette</strong> teaches Suzuki piano in her home studio in Mundelein, IL. She has been teaching piano for 26 years.
<strong>Kathleen</strong> earned a Bachelor of Music at Northern Illinois University and then went on to study in the graduate program there. She received her Suzuki training at the Chicago Suzuki Institute and several International Suzuki conferences and is a member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas.
<strong>Kathleen</strong> really enjoys learning about the lives of the composers and their musical styles. She loves sharing her passion for music history, theory and how all instrumental music can enhance piano performance.
<strong>Kathleen</strong> also has experience as a Suzuki parent, as she has two daughters who study Suzuki violin and harp.
<strong>Kathleen</strong>'s students perform at several recitals each year, including one at a nursing home. Additionally,
<strong>Kathleen</strong> enjoys acting and improv and has performed in a variety of plays.