<p>My piano lessons from from 6 yrs. old through high school were my favorite activity-- so I kept practicing piano while switching my major to flute, because I was also in love with the orchestra!</p>
<p>I have performed a lot of solo and chamber music on the flute, and now participate in a &quot;piano group&quot; to keep up the excitement of performing on piano. My teaching style is relaxed, but I hear from students that I am also demanding-- mostly it depends on how the student learns, and how much time they can practice (surprise, surprise!)</p>
<p>I hold workshops 4 or 5 times a year and have a recital to which parents and friends are invited once or twice a year; many students enjoy performing in flute-piano ensembles.</p>
<p>Other than that, I enjoy hiking, bicycling for most errands, and reading.</p>
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