<p>Justin Montigne, countertenor, has sung with the country's greatest ensembles in venues around the world. Justin maintains an active solo concert and recital schedule around the country, and offers his career to his students as a model of the not-necessarily-opera path. Opera singers are, of course, present and welcome in his studio!</p>
<p>In addition to his advanced degrees in vocal performance, Justin is a registered yoga teacher with hundreds of hours of training in alignment, anatomy, and philosophy. The integration of voice and body is essential to good singing, and is a mainstay of Justin's teaching.</p>
<p>Lessons are available to all interested singers, regardless of style or ability level, incorporating elements of classical literature &amp; technique, musicianship, body awareness, and performance practice, based on a student's skill and interests. Virtually every student can grow in vocal proficiency and beauty, and can experience the freedom and joy that come with good technique.</p>
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