<p>John Bischoff is an accomplished performer with a career spanning styles from opera to contemporary a cappella. John sang for three years with the renowned men's vocal group Chanticleer and continues to perform with the best choral groups in the Bay Area. He has sung roles with companies including Festival Opera, West Bay Opera, Berkeley Opera, Pacific Repertory Opera, Sarasota Opera and Des Moines Metro Opera and has performed as a soloist with groups including the Sacramento Choral Society and the Santa Rosa Symphonic Chorus. John was a member of the New York vocal-jazz quartet Vox Bop, winners of the New York CASA Harmony Sweepstakes. In addition to singing, John arranges music and plays piano and guitar. As a teacher, John helps singers identify and develop healthy vocal production, good practice habits, and performance skills in various musical styles. Most of all, he is committed to helping each student become a more knowledgeable, more secure and more expressive singer.</p>
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