<p>I am a professional classical singer and voice teacher, as well as a professional pianist and vocal accompanist. I perform frequently as a guest soloist with orchestras and Choral Societies and as an Opera singer with various Opera companies.</p>
<p>As an instructor, I am a voice builder. My students have flexible, sturdy techniques, and great breath support. They range in age and interest from young adults to busy professional singers, to retired people/part time church choristers. The most important thing is that they love to sing, and that they strive to improve and be the best they can be.</p>
<p>The largest body of my students are High School age students-- I find teaching young adults incredibly rewarding, and many have gone on to prestigious schools like Boston Conservatory, Eastman, Mannes and Indiana University. My students have also won numerous awards, and many go on to careers in singing.</p>
<p>In addition to voice, I also teach piano, and joint piano/voice lessons are available.</p>
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