<p>From singing in the shower with greater ease, to major recital engagements, I seek students who desire to utilize their voice in a way which is not only healthy, but suitable to their dreams as a communicator and performer.</p>
<p>I am especially adept with adults who are looking to use the power of vocal performance, and healthy vocal habits, to strengthen their needs as a professional (Executives with public speaking phobias, etc.). However, I am also very much interested in preserving young voices with great vocal habits.</p>
<p>The music we will study will range the gamut to which you already have developed a taste and preference for, expanding your range and flexibility into all aspects of singing.</p>
<p>My exercise curriculum is based on time-honored technique based excerpts from the masters of vocal pedagogy (those which have shaped and examined the human act of vocal expression for centuries)</p>
<p>I look forward to working with you!</p>
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