<p>When I was a student, I worked with many great French flutists, not only Jean-Pierre Rampal at the Paris Conservatory. I studied with Michel Debost (Principal Flute at the Orchestre de Paris), Alain Marion (P. F. at l'Orchestre national), Gaston Crunelle (P. F. at l'Opera Comique), and Marcel Moyse (P. F. of l'Opera de Paris). I teach the French School of Flute Playing as I learned it from these masters. For exercises, I use the studies by Taffanel and Gaubert. Although I cover the entire flute repertoire, from Bach to contemporary composers, I especially enjoy teaching music by French composers. I have appeared as flute soloist, both in recital and in concertos with orchestra, in many countries. I offer training in all aspects of professional performance. I do not teach beginning flute students (but I can refer them to my former students, many of whom are outstanding flute teachers throughout the Bay Area). I will accept flutists of any age of exceptional talent.</p>
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