<p>Ilana is a freelance violist and teacher in the Bay Area. She is a member of the Sacramento Philharmonic and appears frequently with other Bay Area ensembles including the Berkeley, Oakland, Marin, Modesto, Merced, and Silicon Valley Symphonies. Ilana is the violist of the Presidio String Quartet, a group that is dedicated to the performance of new music and frequently collaborates with local composers. An enthusiastic teacher, Ilana maintains a private studio of violinists and violists and coaches chamber music for the Villa Sinfonia Foundation. She is a strong believer in the importance of public school music and is highly involved with the Berkeley Symphon's Music Education Program, giving demonstrations and performances in all eleven of the Berkeley public elementary schools. Ilana is the violist for the Berkeley Youth Orchestra's Artist in Residence quartet; she spends her Saturday mornings coaching viola sectionals, chamber music, and teaching a viola class for violinists.</p>
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