<p>I believe that the most aesthetically pleasing singing is also the most physiologically correct way of singing. It is a simple and free process: using our bodies as instruments, we can bring much joy to others and ourselves. I like to lay a technical foundation using sound pedagogic principles, then at the end of the lesson, sing various repertoire and employ performing techniques (dramatic, language, and right-brained fun (:) to bring out the best in a singer. I am trained as both a scientist and a soprano, and have various software and equipment for those who wish to dive into other layers of singing. I have sung in major companies all over the Bay area as well as in NYC and abroad. I have studied with wonderful teachers and coaches and like to bring a bit of all of them into my teachings, in a customized way. We all learn differently, and thus, different perspectives are needed to individualize the experience for the student. For more info, please visit me at <a href="http://www.heidimoss.org">www.heidimoss.org</a>.</p>
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