<p>I have extensive experience as a professional conductor, as an educator and as a private teacher.</p>
<p>I founded Redwood Symphony (<a href="http://www.redwoodsymphony.org">www.redwoodsymphony.org</a>) in 1985. I am still its Music Director as we approach our 25th anniversary. Together, we have performed very ambitious and unusual repertoire for an all-volunteer orchestra, including all of the Mahler symphonies and major works by Stravinsky, Bartok, Adams, Corigliano, and more. We have six CDs available on iTunes and amazon.com.</p>
<p>I have taught in the public schools for 21 years, all age levels and musical subjects, as well as English. I am now combining subbing with private teaching, which gives me more flexibility in pursuing music professionally.</p>
<p>I believe that love of music is the *only* thing that will truly motivate the average child to practice. This means that the parent must take an active role in exposing a child to music- recorded and especially live.</p>
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