<p>My profession and love is early music. I received a very well-rounded education as a singer, conductor, instrumentalist, arranger and teacher, and I make my living using all of these skills.</p>
<p>My youngest students have been in preschool and kindergarten; my oldest (currently) is in her 80s. Some of my students are pre-professionals, some adult beginners. My methodology is a cross-pollenated one, and I design the curriculum to complement the skills of my individual students.</p>
<p>I enjoy having musical breadth as well as focus, and I like to pass this on to my students as well. I fold a little harmony, history and theory into all my lessons in order to give some context to the piece or exercise of the moment.</p>
<p>I adore coaching ensembles, and love to work with self-motivated students who are interested in the world around them.</p>
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