<p>Colyn C. Fischer (born 1977, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) has been playing the violin since the age of three and has been Scottish fiddling since the age of five. He holds a Bachelor of Music Performance in Violin from Wheaton College, Illinois, and has recorded with various ensembles and genres including classical, rock, jazz, and Scottish.</p>
<p>Colyn has performed professionally with numerous orchestras in the Chicago and Pittsburgh areas.</p>
<p>In 1993, Fischer won the National Scottish Fiddling championship (Jr. Div.). He won the title of US-Scottish Fiddle Champion (Open Div.) for 2005, and won the title again in 2006, winning the National Scottish Fiddling championship in Ohio.</p>
<p>Fischer currently lives in San Francisco, California, teaching middle school orchestra at San Carlos School District, is a private violin-fiddle instructor and also teaches at the annual Jink and Diddle School of Scottish Fiddling. He performs with pianist Shauna Pickett-Gordon as the &quot;&quot;Peat Fire Flame&quot;&quot; duo.</p>
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