<p>As an active Bay Area free-lance musician, Artie Storch is a regular extra percussionist for the San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Oakland and Marin Symphonies, and has performed with ensembles ranging from Masterworks Chorale to Metallica. He is a frequent player in the Bay Area theater scene, where he has performed in numerous shows including The Producers, White Christmas,and the long-running Phantom of the Opera.</p>
<p>His recording credits include playing drums and/or percussion for movies (Mars Attacks, Inspector Gadget, The Iron Giant, Spy Kids, Jurassic Park 3, Hellboy, Barnyard, Seventeen Again, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past); television (Sesame Street, Young Indiana Jones, Running Mates); commercials for Saturn, Nissan, Hershey's,Taco Bell; records by Randy Newman, Linda Ronstadt, John Williams, Chanticleer, and The San Francisco Symphony; and video games<br />(The Simpsons, Uncharted 1 &amp; 2, Star Wars:The Force Unleashed, Starcraft II).</p>
<p>Artie endorses Vic Firth sticks &amp; mallets.</p>
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