<p>I am strict, but gentle. Everybody's abilities are different, hand size, coordination, speed of learning, memory, etc...I work with adult beginners as well as with children and I do my best to adjust to a student's particular personality and aptitude. I favor quality over quantity and I recognize that in an effort to attain a goal, each student will work at their own pace. As long as the desire to improve and to learn are present, I believe one can make progress with proper teaching. I have sent several students to the Certificate of Merit program, always with success. I encourage students, after completing the beginning level, to play an active role in the selection of their pieces. After all, it's important to really like what you're studying! My ultimate reward and great delight come when a student has mastered a piece and wants to share it with others. I often host informal workshops in my home and focus on one large annual recital for those who wish to partake.</p>
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