<p>Ann Moss has been teaching voice for 10 years, first in Boston and currently in the Bay Area. Since moving to Berkeley in 2004, Ann has become much sought-out among singers of all ages and experience levels. She holds two graduate-level degrees in Vocal Performance, and has been honored to work with many of today's best musicians and teachers in master class and private studio settings. In addition to her extensive performance career as a classical singer, Ann has performed and recorded in popular genres including funk, folk-rock, and r&amp;b.</p>
<p>Ann's students display a wide range of vocal backgrounds, experiences and goals. She is known among singer-songwriters in the Bay Area as a great source for vocal training and song-writing coaching. This work informs all levels of her teaching and artistry. &quot;Genre cross-pollination is everywhere now; the skill-set required by today's gigging vocalist covers so much ground, so it's crucial to be flexible and open minded.&quot;<br />www.annmosssoprano.com&quot;</p>
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