<p>I studied classical piano since the age of 4, and chose to expand my knowledge by working towards a Music Minor in piano performance in college. My decision to pursue teaching came years later, after a Master's degree and career in Marine Ecology proved unfruitful, and I haven't looked back. Teaching has deepened my understanding and appreciation of the art of playing the piano immeasurably, and I love working with my students one-on-one, whatever the age, level, or background may be. </p>
<p>In my approach to teaching, I begin by creating a space for students to feel safe enough to take risks and explore their imaginations. I use the Faber series for beginning students, supplementing with my own curricula and with beginning repertoire when the student is ready. I incorporate the Taubman Approach to technique at all levels. I also encourage and provide opportunities for non-idiomatic improvisation. With my approach, I provide a balance between skills and study, and play and joy.</p>
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