<p>I have been teaching both traditional and Suzuki violin for over thirty years. I received my music degree from Boston University and studied with outstanding members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.I have taught in public and private schools for 14 years in the Boston area. We relocated to the Bay Area where I have been teaching violin in Walnut Creek for over 12 years.I perform chamber music in the Bay area as a member of the Oak Hill Trio.</p>
<p>My many years of teaching and performing have given me a thorough understanding of violin technique and much experience working with a variety of students. I love teaching violin and sharing my love of music with all my students. I am very flexible in working with different types of learners. My Suzuki and traditional violin students become very good note readers, learn to play in small and large ensembles, give regular recitals and above all love playing the violin.</p>
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