inematographers family. Poet Laureate. Collège Des Frères (Cairo). Worked in the family owned film-making Studio. Studied French (mother tongue) Literature, Université de Paris. C.O.P. in English, University of Cambridge. Training for the Theater Studies, Michel Saint-Denis Method, Bordeaux, France. Playwright Stage Production Techniques Cum Privat Docent, Maestro Claude Yvoire. Created and trained Audio-Visual and Stage (Youth and Adult) Drama and Choir Group C.I.G., Genève. Wrote, Directed and Produced Musicals at the "Théâtre de la Comédie" Geneva, Switzerland. Studied Linguistics, Opera, Ballet, Classical Greek and Shakespearean Drama. Worked with children and adults offering all-round Cultural Education. Intensive courses for underachievers and/or underprivileged ethnic, socially and/or culturally deprived groups.
Studied at the Beit-Berl Institute, Kfar-Saba, Israel
(1963-1975) Head of Pedagogy positions in Israel, France and Switzerland.
(1974-1991) Head of the Gifted Children Project at the University of Jerusalem.
Co-founder, with Professor Zeev Aizenstat, of the Interdisciplinary Educational Protocol and "Exposure to the Classics" Outreach Project, HELED, The Hebrew University Jerusalem.
Organized and directed Theme-Centered (History, Pre-History, Futuristic, Communications, Stage Production, Mythology, Chemistry Lab-Work, Survival Techniques) Summer Camps in Israel, France, Switzerland, Italy. Founder and Director of the 'Moran' Video-in-the-Classroom Studio. Cultural and Educational work in France, Ukraine, Belgium, the UK.