<p> Bruce Hartung's career as a jazz pianist includes performances as a soloist, in small groups and big bands. Bruce Hartung has been featured on television and radio. He is an arranger for large and small ensembles, and is a published composer. As a jazz clinician and lecturer, he coaches jazz musicians and provides material for classical musicians who would like a background in jazz. As a jazz clinician and lecturer, he works with a broad variety of students and topics, and has been a featured lecturer for the Ohio Music Teachers Association's State Convention. Mr. Hartung teaches jazz piano at Capital University's Community Music School, a position held since 1986, and also coaches privately. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Music Degree.</p>
<p> Mr. Hartung's students range in age from ages twelve through adult. Many students who have a classical background in piano enjoy his approach to the introduction of jazz techniques. Others have a background in jazz and wish to improve on stylistic, improvisational, or theory and arranging techniques. Other students work on ear training at the instrument, and arranging techniques from a fake book. While Mr. Hartung is primarily a jazz pianist, he also has a traditional classical piano background, and teaches students who wish to work primarily with the classical literature.</p>
<p> <strong>Comments and observations:</strong></p> &quot;Bruce has an impressive background in both jazz and classical traditions; he has an especially rich harmonic sense and a wonderful flow of ideas. He is a fine teacher and does an excellent job communicating his musical knowledge to others.&quot;
<br /> Robert Kraut, Professor of Philosophy (The Ohio State University) and guitarist with The Tony Monaco Trio
<br />
<br /> &quot;Bruce is able to break jazz playing into logical and progressive steps. He helped me realize steady improvement in my own jazz playing. Bruce is a consummate teacher and player.&quot;
<br /> Jack Wisneiwsky, PhD. Jazz student of Mr. Hartung
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<br /> &quot;Bruce has an in-depth knowledge of both jazz and classical styles. He has the ability to present concepts in a clear and straightforward manner. As a team teacher for my Columbus students, he has a proven record of relating to students with significant musical results.&quot;
<br /> Cathy Callis, DMA Assistant Professor of Music (Queens College); Private classical piano teacher and former teacher of Mr. Hartung