In 1995, The crazy Colombian (aka. Diego) arrived to Australia following his heart. He had an engineering degree; an Australian girlfriend; and a passion for business leadership. He had also just been accepted to the Australian Business School MBA program, and had only enough savings for tuition. By sheer determination, good communication skills, and a lot of luck, he was able to find a part-time job; continue his studies; and graduate from the program 2 years later.

You would be forgiven for thinking he is a “numbers man”. Diego holds a Bachelor of engineering with a major in Finance; has worked extensively in Banking & FInance; and his career spans over 15 years of analytical marketing and CRM. But a glance at his 50+ poems, two inspirational books, and “The curse of email and powerpoint: making words your friends” (a training course for young professionals) prove that his true passion is the written and oral transmission of ideas.

Diego has worked in a wide range of roles and industries: From business development in technology & not-for-profit organisations; to analytical marketing & CRM in telecommunications & banking; all the way through to strategy and project management in Entertainment and consulting. Some of Diego’s past employers include McKinsey & Company, Westpac, Compaq Computers and the Cancer Council NSW.

An award-winning leader, Diego won the regional “McKinsey practice olympics 2000” in Australia when he was part of the team that developed a web-based performance improvement tool; and he was invited to attend Westpac’s “Best of the Best” conference in 2003, where the top 500 employees (amongst over 30k) are celebrated each year.

Now working for himself, Diego devotes his time to inspiring and assisting young leaders develop their abilities and reach their goals. As the founder of “Pass it Forward - the Australian Kindness movement”, he is constantly inspiring others to be more kind; and continues to think too much and write about it through his books and blog.

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