Sharma teaches Jazz, Classical and Popular piano as well as Music Theory, Songwriting, Composition, Arranging & Orchestration.

Gradiating from Goldsmiths College, University of London with an BA in music, he studied classical piano under Maria Kravinsky, Jazz, Arranging, Film Music and Orchestration under Simon Deacon and Ian Gardiner and Contemporary Composition Techniques with renowned composer Roger Redgate.

Since his early teens he has been involved in musical ensembles playing Jazz, Classical and Popular genres alike. He has a unique and insightful approach to teaching which enables him to effectively respond to the needs of the student and allow them master what they want to achieve.

I am a piano teacher, musician and composer living in north London. I compose music for film, theatre and interactive media in a variety of styles including contemporary orchestral film score, contemporary western art music, period classical music, jazz, big band, pop, rock, and world as well as electronic music and sound design.

My teaching: Keynote Sounds - Piano and Guitar Lessons London: http://www.keynotesounds.co.uk/

My Composition: http://www.scymusic.co.uk/