Jamin has played with and studied under jazz greats (pianist Joe Gilman, saxophonists Mike McMullen and world-famous Dave Liebman, and Mumbo Gumbo\'s drummer Rick Lotter) and plays in the Sacramento area, having performed several times at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee.

In addition to playing jazz in Sacramento, Jamin has a great deal of experience playing contemporary Christian and gospel music. Aside from writing, arranging, and conducting for several years as the music pastor at Lifepoints Church, he has also written, arranged, and conducted music for the Gospel Music Workshop of America and assisted in the arrangements for the Sacramento Youth Symphony. Jamin has played with Martha Munizzi, Tramaine Hawkins, Joe Pace, Dorothy Love Thornton, and the Rev. Prince Yelder and plays annually in the Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrations in Sacramento. He also plays with several of the bands that perform at Gospel Day in the California State Fair. Recently Jamin has also aided the music pastor of Abundant Life Fellowship and Lord\'s Gym Ministries with transcriptions and arrangements.

For the past ten years Jamin has also been a full-time, credentialed school teacher. Teaching all grades from kindergarten to high-school, he has developed a wide range of teaching styles. In addition to accolades from colleagues, Jamin has received multiple commendations from WASC (the acreditation agency for all Western US high schools and colleges.)