Hi :)

Im 13.

Im the girl-next-door that plays her guitar all day and dreams of prince charming. I write songs about everything and anything that happens in my life ;)

My lucky numbers 5.

Miracles are the bomb.

When Im thinking hard I like to suck on ice, its weird.

My middle name is Eibhleen and spelt exactly like that.

I moved halfway round the world when I was 7.

Im addicted to red fruit jubes.

I have a slight obsession with music.... most days minimum 3 hours or so is spent playing guitar, piano and flute (and saxaphone):D

I cant concentrate if Ive got a song in my head or Im reading.

Sometimes teachers come over to me and Im staring out the window day-dreaming. I get into a lot of trouble for that.

Im a sucker for guys with blue eyes.

People come up to me in the street and ask me if my hair is naturally curly. For those who dont know, yes.

I love people that are straight up with you.

Recently I learned that nothing is impossible as long as youve got God.

I love people who dont care what anyone thinks of them. They are awesome!

and by the way... Im Izzy ;)

I play the flute, piano, guitar and a little saxaphone!