Began playing tenor horn at Caldervale High School (Airdrie, Scotland) in 1977 under the tutelage of Andrew Suckle who was a peripatetic teacher with Lanarkshire Schools. Performed on tenor horn with the Lanarkshire schools concert band and joined his local brass band, Airdrie Old Union. Performed for the Queen and Prime Minister during these years.

Returned home to England in 1979 to Coventry where he joined Coventry Festival and oddly moved from tenor horn to BBb bass. After a year or two moved on to Coventry Imperial in the north of the city playing baritone and then BBb tuba.

A desire to play with symphony orchestras led to a move to EEb bass tuba with Coventry Imperial and joining the Warwickshire Symphony Orchestra. Later moved to the City of Coventry Band, under the baton of Peter Parks, shortly after that band had won the British Open in 1980. Most notable victory during his time was a win at the Joshua Tetley Leeds Open in 1982 performing Diadem of Gold. Performed as a free-lance tuba player with a number of orchestras in the West Midlands area.

Work meant a move to Bristol in 1984 where he joined the Sun Life Band under conductors such as Christopher Adey, Geoffrey Brand, Richard Evans, James Watson, Rob Wiffin, and Roy Newsome. Played in its terrific bass section until 1994. Photograph taken about 1985 when rehearsing for the European Championships. During his time most notably winning the brass division at Kerkrade in 1993 and the British Open in 1990. Recorded for BBC radio 2,3, & 4. Appeared on Channel 4’s “The Tube” plus on-stage with Kenny Ball, Christian Lindberg, Roy Castle, and James Gourlay during these years. Toured The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and performed on-stage in Denmark. Performed with a number of professional orchestras within the south-west and further afield.

Work took him to live in Toulouse, France, for 3 years before returning to UK in 2000 where he continued freelancing until about 2005. Today he still maintains a keen interest in brass music of all sorts. Lives in a village in Leicestershire, England.