Adele Vivari is independent composer and video creator from Kiev, Ukraine. Inspired by her emotions Adele in 2016 became new vanguard
creator of instrumental soundtracks and dramatic videos. Original name of extraordinary artist is Kateryna Holovko but in fact, her given name is Adele Vivari sounds as Italian name, which is intriguing and mysterious for audience as well as her special styled images and music Dairy on Facebook .

Adele Vivari was born in Ukraine. Early ages she spent in Sakhalin Island, inspired by magnificent energy ocean Adele Vivari created numerous soundtracks with unusual electronic music, progressive styled with classical elements of violin and piano.
Dreamer and hopeless romantic Adele Vivari brings you into different dimensions and centuries, created more then 200 soundtracks for future cinema, songs and more then 15 project videos .Her favourite ambition is WorldWide orchestral music show involves violin piano flute players. Dreamer and mysterious creator she has unusual ideas and vision in music as incorporate sounds from different regions of the world. The most popular soundtracks are "Not Flawless ", "Damage (Bless Lie) ", "Mon Ange de la Nuit", "Revival", "Adele Asia", "Malena", "Cosmic".