Ken won a number of music awards and college scholarships while in high school. Ken holds a Bachelors and Masters of Art in English Language and Literature from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. While living in New York City for over 20 years, he studied with the elite in vocal coaches: Marge Rivingston, David Friedman, and Oren Brown (The Julliard School) among others.

Throughout his career as a business executive (initially on Madison Avenue in advertising, and later as senior executive in several Fortune 100 corporations) Ken’s passion for music, and especially spiritual music, has remained constant. He has served as Organist and/or Choirmaster in churches throughout the United States, and believes that music in a sacred setting is there to uplift the message rather that compete with it. Further, Ken believes that being in the choir or serving as a musician in worship services, is truly giving service to the church, and should be a joyous experience. Later in life Ken moved to education, where he played a pivotal role in the creation of the Ross School and Institute in East Hampton, NY. There he served as Director and Dean of Music. For the past 15 years, Ken has specialized in turning around failing colleges.

Currently, Ken is a member of All Saints Church in Worcester, where he serves as Treasurer, member of the Executive and Stewardship Committees, and the Vestry. For the past year he sang in the All Saints Choir. Leaving All Saints to serve at St. Luke’s represents significant change for Ken. He is excited about this new opportunity for him to serve, and looks forward to meeting the members of the Parish. Ken lives in Rochdale with his dog, Bentley.