Modular Cleanroom Facilities Anywhere in the UK In the UK, Modular Cleanrooms is a provider of top-notch cleanroom services for medical facilities. As a division of Modular Filtermation, we are renowned for being the oldest clean air company in the world. Additionally, we have ties to the first functional hospital theatre design. For more than thirty years, we have been designing and installing modular cleanrooms for our clients. Modular Cleanrooms is known for its experienced engineers and highly credible staff. In addition to our Lancashire plant, we have an extensive reach for our engineers to respond to you anywhere in the UK. Where necessary, we can deliver 24-hours service. Available Services at Modular Cleanroom We provide beautiful, efficient and user-friendly cleanrooms designed and built by our engineers. Our 30 years’ experience in modular cleanroom design has seen us perfect the provision of inexpensive clean air services for large and SMB businesses. We have three ranges of cleanrooms: standard, standard cleanrooms with atrium and bespoke design. We have an international client base, even though we are a UK company. You can trust Modular Cleanrooms to come through anytime. Why Choose Us? We construct our modular rooms with high quality materials, including industry standard Ultra HEPA Clean Air (UHCA) networked Fan Filter Modules. We provide some of the most competitive rates, tailored to your business needs. Our products are long-lasting and have a ten-year warranty. Our Modular Cleanroom engineers help you make the most informed decisions on your cleanrooms.