A small and unique Atelier where Lucio Antonucci welcomes you with a reassuring smile
and a unique experience in the world of fantasy.
It is in Florence, a short walk from the Old Bridge to choose a dress or accessory invented
to transform women into the magical apparition.
Unique things made by hand using traditional techniques and modern innovations.
Style combines many ideas and inspirations from the past to get a taste timeless and poetic.
New materials processed, dyed, washed and embroidered antique.
Recuperated, refreshed and reassembled in new ways.
Clothes transformable and adaptable to the female body, usually a dress robe
from small to large without changes,
a way of working technically evolved and unobtainable elsewhere.Layers of lace, crochet hooks,
embroidery mixed with silk and tulle for an unique result that creosses time and fashion .

Wedding and evening dresses and accessories handmade using old
techniques to create a modern product for romantic women.
Craftsmanship and Haute Couture technique in a special little place
where dreams are created and every dress is adapted to the female body.
Wedding and evening dresses to purchase immediately or to modify.
Accessories enrich and enhanche the style.