Brighton based inventor Jullian Preston-Powers represents a new breed of entrepreneurs, inventors, and investors. Preston-Powers does not focus solely on ventures that yield profit, but, rather, has a strong passion for ensuring that the automotive safety sector grows.The technology of automobile safety is a discussion that is going around the world, and one at which he is at the forefront; his passion for the well-being of the human race and children's safety is combining with his proactive approach to creative solutions to drive real change.Companies around the world are engaging with Jullian to benefit from his diverse specialist knowledge and brand building expertise.He works with the automotive safety departments of various institutions in differing capacities, has been to MIT for over 700 lectures in an unofficial capacity, and continues to contribute to inventions at the University of Sussex. As CEO at Cool Technologies Ltd, and as a founding director of Deep Innovation Group, Preston-Powers has contributed to numerous technological projects, including developing technologies for blast mitigation that are deployed in assets for military organisations all over the world. Preston-Powers leads diverse automotive safety ventures, and approved investors in the niche are able to contribute financial resources to help them achieve their goals.There has recently been significant investment from a group of seven investors, one of whom, Richard Phillips, former head of Silverstone raceway, was appointed by Preston-Powers as chairman and CEO of HALO Active Technologies. http://www.motorcyclenews.com/news/0/october/brain-cooling-helmet-takes-a-stepforward/ HALO Active Technologies is leading and guiding a highly innovative and ground-breaking project to develop the world's first 'active' helmet for motorbike riders.HALO Active Technologies are at the forefront of motorcycle helmet technology, having studied the history and ideas of the current framework for technological advances, and produced a new route to creating a much better helmet than is available in the market at the moment.Out of this new way of thinking about motorcycle safety the HALO active helmet was conceived.When bad things happen sometimes progress is made.When Preston-Powers hurt a friend's head whilst playing basketball he came up the idea of using an ice pack in his friend's helmet to level and steady its position.From this moment new ideas were formed and the HALO technology that Preston-Powers is developing came into being.Representing experts in the field, University of Illinois researcher Dr. Henry Wang said in 00 that he