I am the Producer of Live Online events for MSIA events around the world. Following a spiritual path and working within MSIA community has been an awakening and transformation of myself and a prayer answered to assist me on my path home to God. After working for years in the filming industry and transitioning to producing events for MSIA is my way of giving back to all that has been given to me. Traveling the globe and connecting with beautiful souls on this path is a transcendent experience.. This spiritual path is one of dedication, devotion, loving, caring, empathy and a trust walk with God. Looking for the good and the divine in all people and things and capturing this essence and sharing into the world is my journey that I love sharing. I hope you find the peace and love you are seeking in your life and that this work of John-Roger sparks the divine essence within you to re-dedicate your self to your soul, your life's purpose once again or assists you in any way to lead a happier, healthy, joyful, abundant, grace-filled, and loving life.