Martin Nilsson

Martin Nilsson was born in southern Sweden in 1980. He started playing the piano at the age of five, on his own, and learned to read music by hiself. Only later, at the age of eight, was he taken to a piano teacher. He also had quite some support in his musical upbringing by his aunt, jazz pianist Elise Einarsdotter. In his early twenties, he studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Before entering the college in Stockholm, he participated in a competition for pianists in southern Sweden, which he won two consecutive times; the later of these two times he also participated in a continuation competition in Denmark, where he placed second. For a few years, he has been doing a little bit of other things besides music, but now he has taken up practise once anew, although his focus right now is on getting cocktail piano gigs rather than doing classical piano concerts, although he is available for that too. When playing classical concerts, Martin preferrably has the sheet music in front of him, it makes him feel more secure.