Oldham Music Centre Youth Brass Band Music Recordings

The Oldham Music CentreOldham is a town in Greater Manchester, England. The town and its surroundingvillages form the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham, population of around 100,000people. The Oldham Music Centre draws it’s players from this borough. Dailymusical activity taking place in local schools is supported by the Music Centre’speripatetic teaching staff. The students then come together in the evenings duringterm time to rehearse in groups and ensembles, structured by ability and age.The Oldham Music Centre Youth Brass Band and Youth Wind Band are two of theMusic Centre’s senior groups with players aged between 12 and 18 years. Thesebands are well known both nationally and internationally. None of the members arefull time music students. They are regular school children who enjoy taking part inmusic and performing on a regular basis.

Title Composer Form Instrument Period Ratings
Rock Music III Goff Richards Transcription Wind Ensemble 20th Century
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Popular composers Goff Richards
Instruments Wind Ensemble
Periods 20th Century
Forms Transcription