Sonata music

A sonata is a work in three or four movements (rarely two, or more than four) for a single instrument or a small number of performers. The term evolved through the history of music, designating a variety of forms prior to the Classical era. By the early 19th century the word came to define a multi movement work, almost always including a first movement in the so called 'sonata form', a second movement of a slow, contrasting character; a dance for third movement, and a finale in a rondo, theme and variations, or sonata form. The term 'sonata form' refers to the layout of the first movement of a sonata, which confronts two main themes of different quality, develops them and then recapitulates. This soon became a basic principle in academic music writing. It was applied to many forms of large works, and, together with the fugue, defined the composition and musical analysis procedures for almost a century. Today it is still widely studied, and sonatas continued to be written, even if musical languages have changed.
Sonata no. 5 in G, K. 283 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Classical
Arpeggione Sonata, D. 821 Franz Schubert Solo Instrument and Piano Romantic
Piano Sonata no. 26 in E flat 'Les adieux', Op. 81a Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Romantic
Piano Sonata in A major D. 664 Franz Schubert Piano Romantic
Cello Sonata Claude Debussy Solo Instrument and Piano Early 20th Century
Piano Sonata No. 19 in G Minor, Op. 49 No. 1 Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Romantic
Piano Sonata no. 29 in Bb 'Hammerklavier', Op. 106 Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Romantic
Sonata for Clarinet and Piano, Op. 167 Camille Saint-Saëns Piano Early 20th Century
Piano Sonata no. 20 in A, D. 959 Franz Schubert Piano Romantic
Sonata for Piano Four-Hands in C, K. 521 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano 4 hands Classical
Piano Sonata no. 7, K. 309 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Classical
Cello Sonata in Em, RV 40 Antonio Vivaldi Solo Instrument and Piano Baroque
Piano Sonata no. 9 in E major, Op. 14 no. 1 Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Classical
Piano Sonata no. 3 in Bm, Op. 58 Frédéric Chopin Piano Romantic
Keyboard Sonata in B minor, K. 27 Domenico Scarlatti Harpsichord Baroque
Sonata in Fm, K. 466 Domenico Scarlatti Piano Baroque
Violin sonata no. 5 in F ''Spring'', Op. 24 Ludwig van Beethoven Solo Instrument and Piano Romantic
Piano Sonata no. 14, K. 457 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Classical
Piano Sonata no. 6 in F, Op. 10 no. 2 Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Classical
Violin sonata no. 21, K. 304 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Solo Instrument and Piano Classical
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